Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another week

It feels like the last seven days have been full of too many appointments and far too little recreation. The appointments have been of the home maintenance, non-medical kind which is a novelty for me. The dishwasher has a mysterious leak that only happens occasionally and doesn't seem to be due to a faulty gasket. It's already been serviced once this week and yet it continues to misbehave. For the record, it didn't leak while the repair guy was here and he couldn't get it to leak. It leaked for me yesterday and today, so I have another appointment on Friday.

The dining room chair epic saga was finally resolved today with the delivery of four new chairs that all stand level. This leaves one chair to be picked up at the store when I can finally schedule it. Kudos to Flo at AFD for taking care of the problem.

The skin GvHD is ramped up higher than I've ever had it. My face and chest are covered in a very discernable rash that constantly itches. I've been applying cortisone cream, but that doesn't seem to be slowing things down. I'm hopeful that it's only part of a cycle and will resolve on it's own. I'll see my transplant doctor next week and discuss treatment options.

We finally managed to get the Christmas tree up last Monday and had it decorated by Tuesday night. The cats have been having a ball using it as cover while they plan their little ambushes.

I managed to finish knitting my super secret project and will post pictures of it once it arrives at it's final destination. I've been working on it since August and now that it's finished, I'm feeling a little lost in the hobby department. Never fear, I've cooked up a new scheme and am working on designing something to keep me busy.

I know this is a mess of a post, but I didn't want to let a week go by without a word. We're all doing well and I feel great.

Can you spot the reason the tree didn't get decorated on the same night it was erected?

It's our very own house tiger, Akiko.

Akiko spots her quarry below.

Poor Etsuko had no idea Akiko was about to fly out of the tree to pounce on her.

The super secret knitting project.

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Daria said...

Too cute ... the kitty in the tree.