Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I got a call from one of the BMT coordinators at MDA a few minutes ago. Lori is constantly buried in work, but always has the time to answer questions or look into things for you, which is amazing considering the amount of stuff she has to deal with. When she identified herself on the phone, it didn't immediately click that it was BMT Lori. I immediately started thinking, "Oh hell, the PCR came back fishy." No pun intended--it's also called the FISH test.

She called to let me know that she had my donor's information for me, with the caveat that the donor didn't release any contact information. She has contact information for me if she ever wants to get in touch. I'm just so grateful that she donated and gave me this extra shot at living.

Her name is Dana and she lives in Hawaii. I have a little more information that I'm not posting out of respect for her privacy. I'm most surprised that she's local since Chris and I were convinced that she was from Malaysia or another country close to it. We were working from something a different coordinator let slip eons ago. When you really think about it, Hawaii does make sense. There's such a rich blend of cultures that have intermingled over the centuries and it's not unusual to run into Hapas of all kinds.

We weren't a perfect match on the Human Leukocyte Antigen front, but she was perfect enough to save my life. If she ever googles me and comes across this blog, I just want her to know that she helped facilitate a miracle and I'll be forever grateful for her selflessness. After all, I wouldn't be here writing this if not for her.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for her!

Tina said...

YES!! Thank you, Dana...if you ever end up reading this. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Nancy said...

Thank You Dana. You are truly a hero. I hope she comes upon your blog. She would be amazed at your journey and how she has truly changed your path!!!

Maybe A3M can facilitate a donor/recipient meeting for next year??? You should contact A3M and ask. : ) You can even tell them that I highly recommended it!

love you and DANA, TOO!!! n

Dianne and David said...

Could you put the website on your blog regarding the Irish researchers. Thanks

My daughter has been in touch with her donor and it was amazing. Donors are SPECIAL PEOPLE. Thanks Dana and Jonathan..

Lisa said...

I'm curious if that is standard policy, and what registry did you use? (I'm a new reader so I know the details must be in your older posts, thanks for indulging me). My best friend recently matched as a donor. She's now on hold because they've found a peripheral match, which would mean no surgery. My friend is ineligible for this type of marrow retrieval.

Her son had ALL and had a BMT from his sister. My friend wants to help someone who doesn't have that luck. But she is disappointed that the registry won't let her contact the donor. Is it standard protocol to give info to recipient? She'd be so happy knowing she might get info down the line...