Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Boogeyman deferred

I had the monthly visit with my local oncologist and all is well. For those of you interested in the counts, here they are:

WBC: 6.9 k/ul

RBC: 3.5 M/UL

PLT: 333 k/ul

ANC: 4.8 k/ul



As you can see, I'm still a little low for red blood cells and the two numbers associated with my liver function are still elevated. They are down from my last visit, though, so I take this as a positive sign.

Dr. B. told me that I looked the best that he's ever seen me since I've become his patient. Kudos. I'm just happy to be here.

The scariest part of today's visit was the waiting room. It seemed that every other person either had the sniffles or a cough. Seeing as there were very obviously a few individuals undergoing chemo, I was surprised to be the only one wearing a mask. I often wonder if these patients are being non-compliant, or simply don't realize the seriousness of their situation. Of course I've been tempted not to wear a mask, but when I weigh the potential consequences versus my own comfort, compliance always wins out. I just don't love enforced confinement in a hospital room.

I've already scheduled my next visit for November, so I can check that off of my list.

As for running this week, it's not going to happen and it's all my own fault. I banged the top of my foot on the door well of Chris's car on Sunday and much like a paper cut, the residual pain seems out of proportion to the injury. It was my own fault for not picking my foot up high enough and I do feel ridiculous for having let it happen. There's a bruise on top of my foot and it's very uncomfortable to wear a lace up shoe. I tried and managed to walk on Monday, but in doing so, I seem to have irritated the injury site in the process. I'll get back into the swing of things next week.

I plan on renewing my license tomorrow, so stay tuned for further hi-jinks. I promise to post the picture so you can see exactly what is happening with my hair. Can't wait to enjoy four years of looking a little off on my ID.


Anonymous said...

So happy Ann. Continue to do well. John's RBC is slow coming up too. Judy

Susan C said...

The counts are good news.

Have you heard that the latest trend is barefoot running?

Ann said...

Susan, I read an article about barefoot running and then I saw something about a newly engineered shoe that gives you the sensation of running barefoot. I wish I could remember the brand. I don't think I could do it because I put my feet down too hard. I'd probably fracture something accidentally. How's your running going?

Ronni Gordon said...

Hmmmm. I sometimes have dreams that I'm running barefoot. Then I realize I forgot my sneakers somewhere and I can't remember where. I say go with the shoes! Glad your counts are good and that you're gearing up for running. I know what you mean about the waiting rooms. Sometimes I take my mask off and shovel a sandwich in, and then inevitably someone coughs, I freak out and the mask goes back on.

Nancy said...

Like I've always said... better to err on the side of caution. I took a loved one to the doctor last week and wore a mask. It seemed weird since I'm 3.5 years post-transplant, but I know I did the right thing. Being immunocompromised during flu/swine flu season, is not something you want to gamble with....

Can't wait to see your picture on your drivers license. I'm sure you look adorable, as usual!

Your counts look very good. Congrats on another great appointment! Keep it up girl!
love ya, n

William Brock said...

Great news, I wish you continued good health - there is plenty of great life after leukemia!