Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I saw my local oncologist yesterday for my regular follow-up visit. My blood work numbers were good, save for my creatinine. It's up to 1.5 again. Dr. B. was concerned since I'll be having a CT scan with iodine contrast next week. The iodine is really hard on your kidneys and if your creatinine is too high, the test can't be performed. I'm at the very top of the threshold according to Dr. B. He offered me IV fluids to help flush things out. I declined and promised to increase my water consumption up from 2 liters a day to between 2.5 and 3 liters.

Recently, I've been dealing with a lot of upper back pain. This is really nothing new to me since the car wreck I was in 3 years ago resulted in a herniated disc in my neck. It flared up to a nearly unbearable pain last week. Dr. B. was kind enough to put in orders for physical therapy, which will help me to get the pain under control.

On the ability-to-taste front, things are better. A few weeks ago I read a study that showed taking a zinc sulfate supplement helped to regenerate taste buds faster post radiation treatment. I don't know if it's a coincidence, but my ability to taste has improved significantly. I've lost the ability to taste salt, but I am able to taste sweet again. My ability to taste is nowhere near normal yet. I'm able to taste the essence of food for the first few bites, then things go flat. I'll take what I can get. It's a significant improvement over not being able to taste and having to rely solely on the texture of foods not making me want to vomit.

That's my life up to now. If my scans are clear, I should be cleared to return to work. Cross your fingers and toes.


Nancy said...

That's mostly good news my dear. Glad your numbers are better. Keep flushing your system so you can have a good scan. I'm hoping your taste buds will begin to flourish again! I never heard of the zinc sulfate... I remember being able to only taste sweet and not anything salty, too. I'm sorry about your upper back pain... if we lived closer we could go to PT together, then go to lunch (that is, after your taste buds return). xoxoxo n

susiegb said...

I really hope you are told you are well enough to go back to work soon Ann ... That'd be really encouraging for you. So fingers and toes crossed - and for the return of lots of healthy little tastebuds!

Ronni Gordon said...

Hurray for progress!

So glad to see this post.

LPC said...

Thinking of you.