Saturday, July 19, 2014

Time on My Hands

Three and a half weeks isn't a long time. It's not. 18 more radiation treatments. 3 more chemo treatments. That's nothing in the scheme of things, but it's stretching out in front of me like it will never be over.

I'm sick of feeling slightly ill and shaky. I hate that all of my effort is centered on eating and drinking. I have to keep my calories and protein intake up. I met with the GI center about placing a feeding tube. If I get one, it has to remain for 8 weeks before it can be removed. They've warned of placing feeding tubes in the last week of treatment because the affects of radiation continue for weeks after treatment stops. I don't need one yet since I'm only losing roughly a pound a week. Too much weight in once week and hello PEG tube.

Chris has been a champ throughout all of this. He's working while I'm between appointments.

I don't have very much more to report. My neck is seriously sunburned where I'm getting radiated. It's going to get worse. I'll keep posting as things occur.


Nancy said...

Ann, you are a trooper. 3 1/2 weeks, you can do this! I'm sorry about all the side effects, feeling ill, shaky, forcing yourself to eat, sunburn... the list goes on and on. Keep eating so you can avoid "the tube" and take one day at a time, my dear. Thank you for continuing to post through all of this. We all check for new posts daily! Also, Chris, thank you for being Ann's Rock! I know you are going through it all with her and keeping her strong! Love you both!

LPC said...

Oh thinking of you! 3.5 weeks may not be forever but it's by no means a blink of an eye. All the best, and good luck with the eating.

Ronni Gordon said...

Having a feeding tube is no fun, but once I got it I was so relieved about not having to worry about eating anymore. I still got to have the things I wanted, like daily protein shakes with vanilla ice cream.

When my father was having serious health problems, he would say, "This too shall pass," and I felt better when I repeated that to myself.

It will indeed pass!

Mara said...

You're more than half way there. This will all be just a bad dream by the fall. We're thinking of you! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

I would like to make a donation to help pay for Ann's medical expenses Is there a way to do so through the rodeo event?