Sunday, July 14, 2013


I'm without my computer, so this will be short. Dr. K. admitted me to the hospital Wednesday after my clinic visit. It was in order to expedite the tests I needed done on my lungs. I'm really lucky that she persuaded me to do it when I balked.

I'm experiencing a resurgence of lung GvHD which is manifesting as bronchial obliterans organizing pneumonia. The pulmonary specialist who scoped my lungs also did a lung wash and found 3 distinct strains of bacteria that didn't belong. They're trying to grow the cultures in order to identify the strains. This means I also have bacterial pneumonia. I cannot recommend it.

I'm getting lots of antibiotics and steroids to treat this. I'm also getting supplemental oxygen because I can't maintain a normal level of oxygen saturation. Breathing treatments started a few days ago and seem to be helping. I can't say when I'll be released from the hospital, but I can say the rounding physicians feel that the prognosis is good.

I'll feel much better when I finally manage to walk to the bathroom, 6 ft away, and back without wanting to pass out.


Jody said...

I'm thinking of you both everyday Ann. I am so glad you listened to your physicians; it is often difficult to realize that sometimes we are more ill than we'd like to think:( Your last line tells me everyything I needed to know.

Sending love, and strength and light.


lisa adams said...

Keeping you company in every way I can, worrying about you, loving you from too far away as you endure this latest cruelty. I hang on your every word. Love to you and Chris.

LPC said...

Thinking of you. So glad you checked into the hospital, so glad they know what's going on.


Robyn Elfie said...

You know my heart is with you. But I'll tell you again anyhow. I love you.

Wendy said...

Sending you comforting hugs and hoping you're back home soon with the only thing hindering oxygen flow being a purring mound of fur. I hope you're feeling better soon, Ann!

Kim Henderson said...

Sending healing thoughts!

Ronni Gordon said...

So glad you're feeling better.
Every baby step counts.

Nancy said...

Ann please continue to get better. I'm praying for your health! Have they identified the strain of bacteria yet? I'm sure you are getting the best of care! Know that so many people are behind you on this journey!!! Love you lots! n