Thursday, October 27, 2011


36 has come and gone and with 37's arrival Wednesday I realized that things are getting easier.  I don't mean that I've unlocked the secret to mastering new things, but that the simple act of being now fits better than it ever did in years past.

I'm also learning that the middle-aged body is a mercilessly unforgiving thing.  I gave myself a free pass from the diet yesterday and ate those things that I normally eschew.  I managed to get as far as a lunch of nothing but those tiny powdered donuts that come in the glossy white bag.  I had 6 of them and started to feel sick like I'd had too much of a good thing.  After dinner, I had a piece of cake purchased from my local super market.  You know the variety, the sheet cake covered in the kind of icing that never seems to go bad because it's made of entirely synthetic food-stuffs.  Truth be known, it's one of my most favorite things.  I rarely have it because I have no self control.  After finishing a single slice, I asked Chris if he wouldn't mind bringing the rest of the cake to work just to get it out of the house.

Today, I just want to eat oatmeal and salad.


JenK said...

You know how when you were a kid and you SWORE that you would eat Captain Crunch and Ding Dongs every day of your life? And then you're an adult and you have the freedom and money to live off doughnuts and Snickers but your body says, "Yeah, some whole grains would be nice right now." THAT is your late 30s. Youth is wasted on the young.

Welcome to the club! Hope you're recovering nicely from your sugar bender.

Nancy said...

Happy BIrthday Ann. So glad you splurged on your special day..... You deserve it. Every year should be celebrated! Now, back to those dog gone points.

I had to join the ranks. It's not that I've gained but that I realized this is the time of year when I always gain 10 pounds. It always happens between Halloween and New Years, and I always regret all the partying I've done. In addition, I think when it gets a little cold outside my body says "Put on a Layer of Fat." I have very little self control. I Ate all my favorites out of a Costco Size Bag of Chocolate Mini's. All that was left was the butterfingers and it isn't even Halloween yet. Then I got a hold of a bag of bit-o-honey(my favorite and hard to find) and couldn't stop eating until it was all gone. I think I have a bingeing problem. I recognized it and went to a WW meeting. Gotta put the brakes on before the damage is hard to unwind. If I can start the New Year where I am now (or even less) then I'll be happy.

Glad you are well Ann. Hope Chris is continuing to heal after the accident. Both of you stay well!!!

Ronni Gordon said...

Happy birthday. When I compare then and now, 37 seems pretty forgiving to me!

K Blue said...

Happy birthday to you too, sweetie! I'm glad that you let yourself indulge in some yummy powdered donuts and cake. How fun! But I also understand about middle age being unforgiving...gone are the days of eating whatever I want and fitting into all of my clothes. Now I keep wondering why none of my pants fit anymore!

Hope that this is a magical year for you.