Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Last week was a near wash since I spent the bulk of it in the throes of another digestive episode. In addition to dealing with a grossly distended abdomen and that familiar pain on my side, my back started to spasm much like it did after the car accident last September. But wait, it gets better. Chris hurt his back last week which meant an emergency trip to see his internist who prescribed a muscle relaxer and some pain patches.

The two of us creaked and groaned through the week as best we could. My GI tract started slowly working again this week and I've resolved to speak with a specialist as soon as I can get an appointment. Chris is slowly recovering, as well. He says that the pain isn't nearly as bad as it was, but his back is still bothering him.

I still haven't heard anything from LSU regarding my application which doesn't mean much. For all I know, an acceptance letter is sitting in the mailbox that I haven't checked for close to a week. For those who aren't familiar with the neighborhood, the mailboxes are located in two central locations a few blocks away. I'll make a mail run later today.

This week is dedicated to doing all of the things that I wasn't able to get to last week thanks to the whole digestive debacle. I have a few craft projects to finish off and some organizing to do. I'll post as soon as I know about classes.

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PJ said...

Glad you guys are on the mend. Maybe you need to take the Activia challenge. Hope the mail has some goodies,like checks and acceptance letters.