Sunday, January 10, 2010

a week off

I'm popping in to let you all know that I'm still here. I've been consumed with projects this week and the days and hours have gotten away from me.

Here's a few pictures of the mystery knitting project from before Christmas:

It's an afghan that took me a little over four months to knit and was a gift to Chris's Dad and Stepmother. It's the largest project that I've knit up to date and took a lot of concentration thanks to all of the different stitches it involved. Chris actually suggested that I knit them a keepsake some time ago, but it took a while to find just the right pattern.

I'm sure I could have had it done in about half the time, but it was a gift for loved ones so it had to be just so. Each time I made a discernible mistake, I had to rip the knitting back and begin again. I despaired of ever finishing it, but I finally did with a few days to spare.

I'm currently finishing up a knit purse as a gift for my friend Laren. The knitting bit is done and that was a breeze, but the lining is becoming something of a chore. It involves sewing, a skill I haven't flexed in almost a decade.

Chris bought me a sewing machine for Christmas to replace the one that had become a casualty of the moving company and sewing the lining for Laren's purse was my inaugural project. Thanks to my little learning problem, it took me three days to understand the instructions for cutting the pattern. Ultimately, I only needed to add a handful of measurements together, then add in a few seam allowances. It took me three days to get it right. Three days to cut a rectangle.

I managed to sew the lining into the purse a few days ago and have been working on attaching the handles. Thus far, I'm not crazy about the way that looks, so I'll probably take the lining out and make a few modifications. It could take a while, but I have faith that it will get done. Laren has no idea that I'm doing it and I'm pretty confident that although I've advertised that I'm making it, she'll still be surprised.

Concurrent to this project, I'm also working on making throw pillows for the couch. I've been treating these projects as stimulants for my brain. So far, it's working and I'm definitely feeling challenged. Of course, the living room looks like it's been vandalized by fabric vigilantes and I keep finding the cats playing with random bits of thread.

I've also been dealing with some gastrointestinal issues which have been sidelining me for the last few days. It's not GvHD. It's the complete opposite. Things are starting to move in the right direction, so I'm hopeful that this will be over soon.


Susan C said...

That is one of the most beautiful designs I've ever seen. I love how the two trees are so intricately intertwined. What an exquisite piece of craftsmanship!

Anonymous said...

That is really beautiful! You did a great job and I am sure the pictures don't do it justice.


Wiley said...

It's beautiful work of which you should be very proud. In taking your time to do the work "just so," you put an awful lot of yourself, and your love, into it. I'm certain they will be delighted with it. I know I would be!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with your artistic talents!!! These are GORGEOUS!!!

Wow, pretty special woman you are Ms. Ann Gregory. ALways showing a different talent and side to yourself- multi dimensional.

Keep on keepin on so you can create these magical patterns and designs.

Daria said...

I knit a bit and that looks very difficult and beautiful. Pretty cool.

Ronni Gordon said...

The afghan is so beautiful. I love how the trees rise from the surface. Very special gift.

Speaking of your 'hair envy' comment on my blog, did you mean my hair or my sister's? If it's mine, I've been following your posts and have had a similar dilemma. My hair is actually very thin, with my scalp showing after I wash it. I just use a lot of "product" to arrange it so it hides the holes. I always had thick hair, and so far I'm worried about the way it has come back.

Anonymous said...

Your knitting is so beautiful!!!!!
-Jeannette Hill